Important Disclaimer: Hire a nerd is Online platform which provides Online Tutoring, Resume Writing, Internship Help and Book Renting services. We do not entertain essay help or essay writing services. Any Student or Tutor found in similar activity will be immediately de-boarded from our platform and their account will be closed!

Refund Policy – Hire a Nerd

Hire a Nerd brings the most brilliant academic minds in the industry to solve all your woes in a flash. It strives to offer the finest quality of service and ensures 100% customer satisfaction at all times. But even the best of us are not immune to mistakes.

So what do you do when our services do not quite match up to your expectations?

Place a refund request with our helpful customer support executives within 31 days of receiving the tutoring, resume or internship services in your inbox. Contacting us as soon as you notice something amiss with the received solutions is imperative, for it helps us process your request on a high-priority basis.

Here is how you can get in touch with us.


What happens after we receive your refund request message?

We Manage Businesses All Over The World, Dealing With Academics, Freelances, Students And Industry Leaders. So Allow Us 7 Business Days After Placing Your Refund Request To Process It. Place A Refund Request With Our Helpful Customer Support Executives Within 31 Days Of Receiving The Completed service. Contacting Us As Soon As You Complete The Desired Tutoring, Resume Or Internship Services Is Imperative, For It Helps Us Process Your Request On A High-Priority Basis. In Other Cases, We May Refund The Amount To Your Card, PayPal Account Or Registered Bank Account. However, If You Use Hire A Nerd Loyalty Points Or Virtual Money To Pay For The Services, Then You Won't Be Subject To Getting Any Refunds.

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