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Be a Smart Student in Modern World

How can you be a Smart Student in Modern World

Smartness is one prime and mandatory quality that all students should possess in this fast-growing competitive world. So, many parents and children often look for tips on ‘how can you be a smart student in the modern world.’ However, some people get this trait inborn, while others develop it situationally. Moreover, all of them require it to sustain ...

Student Memes

Memes Are The Trendiest And Increasingly Significant For Students

Do you think meme culture has ruined the communication way as a young generation? You will be shocked to know that there is an academic course on meme culture introduced at Northwestern University in the US in 2011. Either it is homework memes or dank memes for your best friends- memes are the real emotion. By this fact, you can imagine how meme has changed the in...