If you struggle with solving assignments, you can avail study help from experts and produce quality solutions with their guidance. But that does not help when you appear for a test. You need to rely completely on your skills and knowledge to do well in those tests. So, what can you do to improve your performance it any test?

There is no denying that you need hard work and dedication if you want to excel in your tests. However, it is important to know where you should put your efforts in order to get the desired results. In this blog, we have listed 10 study tips that will help you prepare yourself for any test you appear in.


1. Get informed about the test:

Before you start planning how to approach the upcoming test, you must understand what the test is going to be like. Will it have multiple choice questions, essay-type questions, or a listening test (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)? Since each test format a certain preparation technique, you can be better prepared for the test if you know the test format.

If you have missed details about the test, go to your professor or a classmate and ask about the test format. It will also be quite useful if you can find the test questions from previous years so that you can practice answering the questions, and get familiar with the test structure and its content.

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2. Create a plan for study:

Once you have a clear idea about what to expect in the test, you need to plan your preparation. Ask yourself a few questions as you start devising the plan:

  • When will you begin studying for the test?
  • How many hours you will be investing in every week for studies?
  • Which topics are you still confused about or need clarification on>
  • How many mock tests you will do?
  • Which homework assignments, notes and text readings you need to review?
  • What challenges are you likely to face while preparing for the test?

By answering these questions, you can develop a plan for your test preparation.


3. Organise the place of your study:

After developing the plan for your exam preparation, you now need to focus on the place where you are going to study for the test. Whether you realise it or not, your study will be disrupted if you do not organise your study room well. A properly-organised study place allows you to put all your thoughts in order. Clean the room, get all the supplies that you will need for studying, and make sure the place is well-lit.

Besides, you need to get an ergonomic chair where you can comfortably sit for hours while studying. Also, get rid of the distractions that can keep you from complying with your plan for exam preparation. You can even try incense or play some instrumental music to better concentrate on your studies.


4. Try to finish at least one lesson at a sitting:

When it comes to studying for the upcoming test, it is always recommended to finish every individual lesson in one sitting. You cannot finish studying everything in just one night, but finishing one lesson in a single sitting can be done. In fact, this is a better way to study and helps you retain the lesson in a more effective manner.

Break down your syllabus into smaller parts and study one portion in every sitting. It will be better if you create a brief plan for the study sessions. Setting realistic goals and determining the ideal amount of time you need to spend on each portion of the study can allow you to have a better learning experience.


5. Take breaks in between the lessons:

Once you finish studying one portion of the study in a single sitting, take a break for 10-15 minutes before you go back to studying the next portion of the lesson. This will give your mind to refresh for a little bit and will improve its retention capacity.

You can utilise this break to treat yourself to chocolate or one of your favourite snacks. Or you can watch a YouTube video or surf the internet for a bit to break the monotony of studies. These practices can help you better utilise the break to rejuvenate your mind and go back to study with more energy.

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6. Work on your time management:

If you want to perform brilliantly in the upcoming test, studying the syllabus is not going to be enough. If you learn everything needed for the test and still aren't able to finish answering all the questions in time, you won’t get the result you have been expecting. Thus, you need to work on your time management skills while working on the studies.

Practice problem-solving tasks on a regular basis in order to improve your pace of answering. Also, you should try solving the problems that you find easier first, and then go on solving the difficult ones. In other words, it is recommended to prioritise the questions in the test at your convenience for better time management.


7. Use visual clues:

Our minds can retain visual information better than the information received in another form.  It becomes easier for our eyes to perceive information when you highlight the crucial parts of your syllabus and turn them into flashcards. You can use coloured sticky notes to write down the important dates, formulas, and other crucial pieces of information in front of your eyes (on computer screens, soft board, etc.).

You can revise the flashcards every day so that you are able to memorise these crucial details. You can even use a mobile app to create flashcard and gamify the whole process.


8. Do group studies:

When the entire class is preparing for the test, you and your friends can plan a group study where you can help each other with your studies. Since you all will be working on the same syllabus, you can employ peer-to-peer learning, which is often more effective than traditional learning means.

Before you sit together with friends for a group study, it is important for you to list out the topics of discussion. If a few people in the group have a better understanding of a topic that you are still struggling with, they can help you with the lesson, and vice versa.


9. Sleep and rest well:

While all the tips mentioned above can be useful to prepare you for the test, you also need to consider the fact that your mind needs to operate at its full capacity when you sit for the test. If you exhaust yourself by staying up all night studying, you may start to feel tired the next day. So, it is important that you get enough sleep before the exam.

Follow a proper timetable where you spare enough time for sleeping and eating, apart from studying. Also, refrain from using caffeinated beverages which can keep you from falling asleep at night. Try to plan your study properly, so that you do not have to work on your studies without sleeping.


10. Review your lessons:

There is no such thing as “too much studying”. No matter how many times you have studied a lesson, you can study it several times more for better retention and in-depth understanding. So, even if you have completed studying all the lessons in the syllabus, review it several times to boost your learning.

You can also refer to other sources of information besides the textbook and class notes. It will help you get a new perspective on the lessons. Also, you can learn new information about the topic, gaining an edge over your peers who are appearing for the test.

With these measures, you can expect better performance in the upcoming test. However, if things seem a little bit challenging, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

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