Australia is the third most sought-after study destinations for students across the whole wide world. According to the University College of London’s Centre for Global Higher Education, Australia will soon overcome the UK as the second-most study destinations. According to the recent government statistics, the number of students increased by 10% from October 2018 to October 2019.  Australia was home to 738,107 international students in 2019 alone. With an increased rate of student enrolment, the demand for student’s housing in Australia has also increased considerably.

Finding the right accommodation has become one of the greatest concerns for students flying down to Australia for higher education. Some universities offer on-campus student housing and they prioritize the first-year international students in these cases. There are other accommodation options in Australia. Read on to know more about them before you enrol in your favourite Australian university.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Student Accommodation In Australia?

Besides scenic beauty and peaceful ambience, Australia offers different types of accommodation for international students. From off-campus student's apartments to university accommodations, this country has got everything covered for you. Here are some of the most popular options:

  1. Homestay

Homestay is the perfect choice for you if you need a valuable cultural experience within a local host family. You can talk to the educational institution to arrange a reliable homestay for you.


  • Airport pickup
  • Welcome and orientation
  • A furnished room
  • Properly arranged meals


It varies depending on the type of homestay you pick. The basic expense is within the range of AUD $250-AUD $350 per week.

  1. Residential colleges

International students prefer residences in Australia that lets them live on or near their residential college campus. It is also one of the most convenient accommodation options for them.


  • Properly arranged meals
  • Fully-furnished bedrooms
  • Weakly room clean-ups
  • Tutors and WiFi


This one also varies depending on your requirements and budget. The basic price is within the range of AUD $200- AUD $750. It includes your weekly utilities as well.

  1. Managed student apartments

Off campus student apartments are purpose-built accommodations where it dedicates one entire lock to 100-400 students. At times, even 4-5 students tend to share one room. However, single or twin rooms are also available with a shared kitchen and bathroom.


  • All utilities including WiFi
  • A furnished bedroom that includes a wardrobe, study desk, bed, mattress and a chair.
  • On-site staff support
  • Kitchen and bathroom with major appliances


You can set the price of renting an apartment within AUD $200-AUD $500 per week. This includes essential utilities such as gas, internet, power and water.

  1. Private rentals

Do you want to immerse yourselves in the Australian culture without any interruption? Then private rentals are your best accommodation option. You can live with your friends or even alone, strictly according to your preferences.


You may have to bring your own furniture since this type of accommodation doesn’t provide any. Also, you have to pay a month’s rent in advance along with the security payment known as a bond. Make sure you have enough money for water, gas and electricity.


The basic cost of renting an apartment is around AUD $100-AUD $500 per week. However, you have t pay for electricity, water and gas separately.

  1. Boarding schools

Private secondary schools often offer complete boarding options in Australia to international students. These boarding schools also include laundry, cleaning services and meals.


  • Meals
  • Laundry and cleaning services
  • Support services


Boarding schools in Australia usually cost around AUD $11,000 to AUD $22,000 per year.

These are the most popular accommodation options for international students in Australia. You can choose the one at your convenience. For example, you can opt for residential college campuses if you want to stay close to your college campus.

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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Student Housing Accommodation Australia Melbourne

First, you have come down to a new place for studying. Adding to the pressure, you may have to find to place to live in and that is quite a tedious process. So, here are the top three tips that can help you pick the right accommodation in Australia.

  • A strong and reliable Internet connection

Whether it’s about staying connected to family or preparing for exams, a strong internet connection is always essential. So, make sure your accommodation provides a trustworthy internet connection. In case of private rentals, you have to set up the connection on your own.

  • Location

Location is very important when it comes to finding the right accommodation for international students. Make sure the location of your accommodation is near to your university, local shops and even nightlife. However, the properties available in the central location may not be cost-effective enough.

  • Safety

Consider the security of your accommodation before finalizing it. This tip is most suitable for private rentals. Talk to the security staff or landlords to know if the security is reliable enough or not.

Keep these three primary factors in mind whenever you want to pick the right accommodation for studying in Australia. You have to look beyond the friendly smile and focus on the real factors to understand which accommodation serves your purpose.

5 Popular Benefits Of Trusting The Student Housing Company

The Student Housing Company offers premium student accommodation in Perth and Melbourne. It has also partnered with the University of Arizona. So, you can enjoy the accommodation as an added advantage if you enrol at this university. Check out the five most common benefits of booking the Student Housing Company.

  • Smooth, easy and hassle-free maintenance-That means, the company is ready to fix anything that breaks or goes wrong during your stay. You needn’t have to worry about fixing anything.
  • Placements-The best part of relying on this company for accommodation is that it seeks student involvement through placements.
  • Safe, friendly atmosphere-The staff at the Student Housing Company are hired based on their integrity, friendliness and dedication.
  • No hidden charges-This company is usually quite upfront about the costs students have to pay to rent a room.
  • Open for suggestions- You can suggest tips to them and expect the Student Housing Company to work on your advice.

The Student Housing Company is just an option for accommodation in Australia. You can get in touch with several other apartments, residential hostels, etc. Remember the factors whenever you have to find appropriate accommodation for studying in Australia.

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