Whenever we see something is available for free or at a discounted price, we are more likely to purchase that product or service. That is common human psychology. We do not always acknowledge it as the best option there is, but we choose to ignore the other options since we got our service or product for free. If you are doing the same for your tutoring lessons, you are actually making a big mistake.

Free things are good till a certain point. If you find a free item or service is similar to its priced counterpart in terms of quality, there is no harm in availing the free item or service. However, things are completely different when it comes to tutoring. While it may be easier for us to get free lessons on any topic from the internet, those tuitions are not always the best for the learner.

In this blog, I will discuss several points to help you understand why you should not rely fully on free online tutoring.

1. The qualification of the tutors are not clear:

If you have earned a degree that can help you get a job with a good salary, will you offer your knowledge for free? The obvious answer is “no." This is the reason why the best online tutors are available on the paid tutoring platforms. The ones you find on the free online tutoring platforms are generally not as qualified as you may expect them to be.

Since the qualifications of these free tutors remain a mystery, you cannot really trust the lessons they teach. When you hire such tutors online, you are actually taking a shot in the dark. There is no guarantee that the lessons and guidance you get from the free online tutoring are actually valuable or just a waste of time. Thus, it is better to pay a certain amount to get the necessary tuition from trusted experts.

2. Nothing comes for free:

It is important to acknowledge the fact that everything comes at a price. So, when something is available for free, you need to investigate a little about it. The free online tutoring services that you may see on the internet have a website, several online tutors, and a customer support team. It is impossible to sustain all those resources without a proper flow of revenue.

A lot of free online tutoring platforms run ads on their sites to generate some revenue. So, when you visit such platforms for free online tutoring sessions, you need to go through many unwanted ads that may hamper the overall experience of learning. Also, you will have to spend more time on the platform skipping ads. So, that means such services cost you your precious time.

3. No personalized lessons:

A majority of the online lessons you get from the free tutors are simply generic. There is no variety in the tutoring approach, and every learner is supposed to get similar guidance when asked for a certain topic. Irrespective of your learning requirements, the free online tutoring help usually offers what it is fed while designing the tutoring program.

In other words, a student in 6th standard and a college student will get the same tutorial for a certain topic. When you avail the best online tutoring in exchange for a certain fee, you get personalized guidance from the tutor. You cannot expect that from a free online tutoring platform.

4. Risk of losing your personal data:

While there are several disadvantages of such free online tutoring services, it can further put you at the risk of losing personal data to cybercriminals. Since it is difficult nowadays to find the difference between a fraudulent website and a genuine one, you may fall for a fake online tutoring platform that is there to collect your personal data.

Since free websites run ads all the time, you may end up clicking on one of those pop-up ads. While that can put malware into your system, you may accidentally leak your confidential information saved on the system to the cybercriminals. A paid, genuine online tutoring service would not run ads. Also, they will have a proper "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use," which you must go through before availing any service from there.

To ensure that you are choosing a genuine online tutoring service from the internet, you should always refer to the client testimonials. They offer a clear picture of the services. Also, once you find online tutors for free or at a discounted price, make sure you go through its privacy policy and terms of use.

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