How does a ‘normal school’ look like to you now in 2020? Can you match pace with the transition from traditional education to an online learning environment? At least 30,000 K-12 schools in the US alone have shut down to curb the further spreading of coronavirus. Majority of students have been asked to shift to online learning so that their education isn’t affected amid the pandemic. You may wake up, get ready and switch on your laptop to start your school or college instead of waiting for the bus to arrive to take you to the ‘brick and mortar’ school. So, what do students feel about this transition? Are they on the same page as you are? So, let’s see what the majority of students are really thinking about online education.

Student’s Thoughts On Online Learning

You may not agree with some of the perspectives mentioned below. But, you must be aware of the different effects of online learning on students of various educational levels. Okay then, let’s begin.

  1. Appreciation for a more relaxed schedule

El Molino junior Mackenzie Nultemeier said, “I do like some of the new schedules changes distance learning has provided. I start my school work during my leisure time. I do not feel stressed, getting up at 4:30 am to get to swim practice and then rushing off to school by 7:30 am" Though Nultemeier’s mother gets her ready by 8 am, she still feels online learning provides a more relaxed schedule compared to her previous experiences.

How does online study help you with a relaxed schedule?

  • You can attend the classes at your convenience.
  • There are zero deadline pressures.
  • You can study the subject or topics you are interested in at your own pace.
  • It lets you attend to your personal responsibilities without missing important classes.

Exam or deadline anxiety is real and it exists among most students. Keeping that in mind, it is good to see how online education helps you pursue your degree without letting you deal with such anxieties. The schedule is flexible and you can work on your academic tasks right from the comfort of your home.

  1. Enough time for self-care and passions

Brenda Hernandez is studying as a junior at Luther Burbank High School. The online learning experience has been quite interesting for her. She said, “As a student, my online experience has been interesting. What I like about this new experience is that I have more time to talk to my family and call or text my friends. I get to do school from home and I have time for self-care as well. I like that I kind of get to choose the classes I should work on first and which I could wait to do after.”

Four self-care tips for online students

  • Get the right amount of sleep to absorb as much information as possible and to improve your memory.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink enough water to stay fit during your classes.
  • Take regular breaks since online study involves a lot of time sitting down and staring at your computer screen.
  • Keep a journal to deal with your thoughts that spin in your head all day long.

You don’t have to juggle assignments, classes, part-time jobs and your hobbies at the same time anymore. In online education, you will have enough time to focus on the things that matter to you. You have the liberty of not attending the classes if you aren’t feeling well.  

  1. Lack of structure

Lee Xiong, a junior Burbank High School student, said, “Being in a physical classroom is way different from learning online. In a traditional classroom, most of your focus is there, unlike virtually, the temptations are REAL! Yes, I admit self-discipline is good to learn, but when having all this thrown at you, you can't blame the student for not wanting to work... at least that's my opinion.” He also added that school was tough, but at least he could keep up with all the work for all his classes.

How to stay focused on your online classes?

  • Maintain a strict routine every day to keep your energy levels high during online classes.
  • Create a perfect study space to focus better on your studies.
  • Whether it’s your phone or the internet, make sure all the technologies are updated.
  • Eliminate distractions as long as your classes go on.

Don’t panic if you feel like you are losing focus on the initial days of online learning sessions. You aren’t alone. Try out the tips as mentioned above to stay focused during your online classes no matter what. Preparing a routine is very important since it lets you complete your tasks on time without having to hurry.

  1. Procrastination

As mentioned before, online education offers a flexible schedule. You get to study at your own pace rather than competing with your classmates. Though it is good news for most students, it still can be a bane for some. For example, Evelynn Vang, a junior at Luther Burbank High School, said, "The online learning experience has been fine for me. I, however, sometimes find myself not interested in doing my assignments and I feel like I'm lazy. I still do the assignments, but I sometimes end up turning in my assignments late. It's like I'll do the assignments whenever I feel like doing it.”

How to get rid of procrastination?

  • Find your motivation for attending your classes and use them.
  • Cut distractions such as social media notifications, music, television, etc.
  • Break up your work into smaller chunks so that it doesn’t pile up in the end.
  • Get hold of a study buddy who will encourage you to work on your tasks.

With instantly available academic assistance and no deadline pressure, it is quite obvious for students to get lazy once in a while. It is important to take breaks and relax in between your study sessions. However, it is also crucial to get things done at the right time for maximum productivity. You must learn how to balance everything while you are stuck at home with your online classes.

Wrapping Up,

Online education consists of both pros and cons. It is up to you how you would make the most of this new education system. You get to stay at home while there’s a pandemic looming around the corner. You should be thankful for this opportunity that lets you pursue your degree right from the comfort of your room even in this pandemic situation. However, pick the right online learning website and stay away from frauds and scams.