The most prominent search on the web is “how to write a CV?”. Well, a CV is an official piece of document that helps candidates highlight their job-specific skills (academic and extracurricular). Here, you will not have to meet the person in real but can assure them about your potential.

Also, posting or mailing the CV online eliminates all chances of unnecessary travel and saves extra time. Nowadays, most companies use automated tracking systems to sort the CVs and finalise the most suitable ones for a particular job. So, in accordance with “How To Write a Good CV?” Here, are a couple of essentials that you need to abide by. Read on to know more!

  • Choose an appropriate CV format: You must choose an appropriate CV format relevant to the job role you are applying to.
  • Add your name and contact: Name and contact must be at the top of your CV. These little details do matter and make you stand out from the rest.
  • Personal profiling with a title is a must: Next to the name and contact information, you must add your career objective and discuss the specifics you wish to deliver.
  • Start listing your work experience and achievements: Once you have decided to write a CV on your own, it is important to pay special attention to minute details. People list their academic achievements at the very beginning and professional versatility at the end. But that is not the way. You must highlight your professional achievements at first and keep the academic part after that.  
  • Maintain a separate academic section: Now, let’s discuss the academic part and get things sorted. Start in reverse chronological format, with the latest degree achieved at the top, followed by previous ones.
  • Highlight job-relevant skills: As a student, you take up multiple internships during the summer and fall breaks. But not all of them are similar. So when applying for a job, you need to showcase the ones relevant to the particular. For example, highlight your internship experience with an NGO when applying for an HR executive role. It will focus on your communication skills and the people dealing part.
  • Attach a cover letter if necessary:Some companies will ask you to attach a cover letter with your CV. Here, you will have to establish your worthiness for the role.  

How To Write a CV Examples

Below, we have tried to elaborate on the various sections in a CV with appropriate examples.

You can choose between a traditional and a modern CV based on the job role you are applying for. Find out the snippets below:

Traditional CVs are essential if you apply for a banking, finance or legal role. Whereas creative CVs are appropriate in roles like Digital Marketer, SEO Analyst, Marketing Head etc.  

Next in line, we have the perfect snippet for you to have a practical life experience of “how to include your contact information in the CV?”

Make sure to keep this section short and crisp, eliminating extra information. And yes! No one is looking for your address in the CV.


You can also proceed with the one listed below.

This format will help you get the objectives and the contact section together. Thus saving both time and space simultaneously.

After you have completed the introductory part of your CV. It is a wise option to highlight the technical and soft skills you possess in separate sections. As most companies depend on automated tracking systems (ATS) to sort and list down potential candidates. With the entire system automated, you will have to rely on keywords and search relevance for your CV to get shortlisted.

Include job-specific keywords in your CV like the ones mentioned below.

Wondering where you will get these keywords? You will get the particulars mentioned in the job role part. Incorporate the same.

Dos and Don’t in a resume    

With all said and done, now let’s focus on the dos and don't in a resume:

  • Dos:

    • Highlight the most relevant skills that apply to your job.
    • Include the necessary keywords and optimise your CV for the Applicant Tracking Systems.
    • Use relevant data with certificates backing the same.
    • Do include soft skills along with the technical skills you have.
    • Personal accomplishments are always welcome.
    • Keep your CV crisp and short. Then, finish off within a single page.
    • Use formal fonts - Times New Roman or Arial.
    • Try and elaborate on your job roles served so far.
    • A summary statement is always welcome.
  • Don’t:

    • Do not copy and paste exact sentences from the job description when writing your summary statement or about personal accomplishments.
    • Avoid talking about offbeat hobbies or something which is not at all relevant to your job role.
    • Do not incorporate obvious skills.
    • Nowadays, companies are not into objective statements.
    • Be careful with the information you include that can lead to discrimination.  

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