Do you think meme culture has ruined the communication way as a young generation? You will be shocked to know that there is an academic course on meme culture introduced at Northwestern University in the US in 2011. Either it is homework memes or dank memes for your best friends- memes are the real emotion. By this fact, you can imagine how meme has changed the internet culture for the last ten years. From shaping language to culture, to Hollywood to contemporary political satire- the meme is everywhere! 

You may wonder why memes? If you think closely memes actually serve various purposes and functions, it primarily serves as an expression of student’s opinion and emotions. Any relevant scenes or lines can form memes from popular TV series or shows and movies, which are then remixed with other content and bring you a new meaning of humour. You will find many memes in all social media, including classic, trendy, on-hit moments, series, niches, comics, obscurity, etc. Meme contents for students can range from homework memes, funny homework memes, college homework memes, “you’ll not get it” memes, “my exam day” memes, doing homework memes and so on.        

Memes That All Students Will Find Relatable:

Memes are simple, brief and explicit in their contents, and this cultural pattern reflects the mentality of present society. It portrays entertainment values, champions mannerism and strengthens the need felt by the students to remain relevant. Furthermore, the accessibility and ability to reach a wide range of audiences within few seconds means that the homework memes relax students.          

The post-test light bulb meme 

This is one of the funniest memes you can ever cross on social media. And unfortunately, it happens to every student where they remember an answer after the test. You mug up lots of chapters before the exam night, and in the morning, your brain is filled with that random information and theories. Finally, when you get the question paper, your brain becomes blank. Ultimately, you mess up all your answers, and after submitting your answer paper, the correct answer promptly comes to your mind just like a bulb on!    

The pre-exams struggles memes:

We know the real struggle of being sleepy before and during exam routines for all nerdy students out there. You may see various doing homework memes and funny homework memes for homework with sleepyheads. The memes are genuinely entertaining for you undoubtedly! But don’t apply it in your life. Because sleep is the most crucial element for your memory, rational thinking and overall happiness but sometimes students face tedious homework and assignment routine that there is no time for it. If you have already gone through the deadline pressure or exam, you have likely studied all night, and if you haven’t- then, you are not the real nerd here!   

To be sure, memes

Have you seen those memes where a student calculates 2+2 or 0-0? Yes! When you have a calculator right there with you- you can’t resist yourself, but check out these silly sums over and over again. These kinds of memes are so popular among students who love homework folder memes and college homework memes.

School and college students starter pack memes 

Undeniably, this starter pack memes for students comes up with new surprises every time. These memes are hilarious and have revealing sides of a college student’s life in one collage. Netflix, endless 2 minutes noodles, an empty wallet and a pile of empty bottles around the bed and your room. The craziest part of the meme is that the college student starter pack is equally popular among post-grad students.   

Eagerly waited to go to the college but regret it later 

So you remember complaining about homework, assignments and exam pressure during elementary and even in your high school life? How you eagerly have waited to attempt your college during your school life! When you are doing your college assignment- don’t you wish to go back to your carefree school life? 

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That revenge moment memes 

Almost every student experience some rude teachers during their elementary and high school. This is quite a hard time for students. After all, they can’t argue with those teachers because they are responsible for students' academic grades. What you can do, is taking thoughtful revenge memes and share those with your classmates. Revenge has never felt so self-satisfied.   

The “look” memes

Assignment works can be stressful and daunting, and no one wants to risk choosing their project partner. Unfortunately, sometimes teachers assign team members for assignments where you have to deal with some random classmates. These memes are based on awkward moments when you don’t get your right project partner, and you feel “why me!”. That’s where Can I copy your homework meme gets real attention from students. 

Procrastination memes 

Due to online school and college lessons, students hardly enjoy a proper study schedule. As a result, you may find yourself mentally and physically preparing for study time. Unfortunately, you set your alarm but miss the time. It happens to you, right?    

Financial aid memes for students 

You have to face this reality, and sometimes students face a lot of financial hurdles. This meme is just made your day. When you spend a considerable time filling out your financial help forms only to find out that your parents don’t earn an income much- this is not high enough so that you have to help yourself and take a part-time job to pay your rents and college bills. Relatable?That wake-up snoozes 

Waking up in the morning, getting ready for your classes are now history due to a pandemic. But, the struggle is real. Snoozing 8:00, 8:01, 8:02 is such a relatable meme for you! Because we all have gone through this meme phase in real. 

That "really can’t do" meme 

Think when you have six assignments and four exams back to back, and you just feel sleepy! This meme exactly says this. The course load for each semester is inevitable for you when you have to be proactive and make your to-do list with deadlines but not doing anything and feeling lazy! If you have been there and done it- this meme is apt for you!   

Wrapping up! 

Undeniably, memes for students bring up some fun to student’s social media accounts. But, making memes need lots of concepts and creativity. You will find various can I copy your homework meme on popular social media sites. But, memes can only reduce your stress.