Almost one-quarter of families in Australia use online tutoring services. Though online tutoring has always been a part of education, people have become open about it, especially after the pandemic. With nearly 143 mandated school closures worldwide, the pandemic had almost put a full stop to education for millions of students. This is where the role of online tutoring steps in. Whether you want to learn the steps for resume writing or clarify a query, online tutoring has got you all covered. Here are the four key benefits of 1-on-1 online tutoring that make it nothing but an amazing boon for students.

1. Personalised learning programs

It isn’t possible for a teacher to keep track of the progress of each student in the class. Let’s say the class consists of 100 students. How do you expect the teacher to cater to each student individually within a limited time frame? 81% of college students confirmed that their grades improved considerably with online tutoring sessions. 43% of students find online tutoring more effective than traditional classrooms. There are different types of students in a classroom. Some are fast learners, while some may take some time to get the hang of concepts. Online tutoring sessions let you receive individual attention from the tutors depending on your learning pattern.

Here’s how online tutoring programs help:

  • In one-on-one tutoring sessions, the online tutors get the opportunity to deal with one student at a time. The tutors analyse your learning pattern and prepare the lesson plans accordingly.
  • In traditional classes, you had to jump to the next chapter even if you didn’t understand the previous one to match pace with the entire class. In online tutoring sessions, however, you don’t have to rush through the classes. The online tutors proceed to the next lesson only when you are ready for it.
  • Traditional schools and colleges do not focus on improving your test-taking skills. No wonder tons of students end up dropping out in the middle of their semesters. The online tutoring sessions help students improve their test-taking skills, thereby helping them score good grades on tests as well.

You will find subject-specific tutoring programs as well. You can opt for those if you have queries regarding a specific subject only. At times, the online tutoring programs also facilitate peer to peer interaction where both the tutor and pupil are students, and it takes place under the supervision of a licensed educator.

2. Flexible Timings

Flexible timing is one of the most popular online tutoring benefits. Yes, you can always seek help from your professors and friends whenever you don’t understand a topic. But they are available for your queries for a specific time period only. Right? Let’s say you have been taught a topic in Thermodynamics in class. But, when you started reading the same back at home, everything went above your head. You cannot ask for help from your professors beyond the regular college hours. Can you? This is where the online tutoring sessions come into play.

Online tutoring is about catering to the academic needs of students at their convenience. You are the decision-maker when it comes to fixing the time for your online tutoring classes. The online tutors arrange the lesson plans and program accordingly.

If you find it hard, you have the option to ask the online tutors to prepare a schedule for your online classes. Share your requirements with them, and they will prepare the schedule accordingly.

3. Convenient mode of learning

In this current scenario, online tutoring is the most convenient way for students to continue their education even in these insane times. Schools and colleges are still in the process of resuming the old traditional learning environment due to the pandemic. Students are having a hard time dealing with multiple assignments and adjusting to new virtual classrooms. Even in virtual classrooms, it isn’t possible for teachers to provide individual attention to each student. With online tutoring, you learn at your pace without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Besides being convenient, online tutoring sessions are also cost-effective. The online tutors usually charge less than what teachers charge for in-class tuition fees. You can also save your boarding and transportation costs.

4. Interactive and innovative

Students, especially introverts, prefer to remain silent even if they have queries in the class. Not all students are the same. So, it is fine if you are not comfortable sharing concerns in front of everyone. Also, the first-years find it difficult to break the ice and make friends in college. The online tutoring programs encourage student interaction and engagement, unlike traditional schools and colleges. Lessons can be interactive only if it is compatible with the student’s learning preference. In online tutoring, the tutors cater to each student individually. They analyse your learning pattern to determine your learning preference. They then use the right tool, such as flashcards, PPTs, visuals, etc., to make the classes interactive and engaging.

Here’s what makes online tutoring interactive:

  • Effective communication- It’s easier for some students to communicate via an online platform instead of face-to-face interaction.
  • Technology-based learning- Online tutors use advanced virtual educational technologies to facilitate learning despite geographical barriers.
  • Use of whiteboards- Most online tutors use whiteboards because these merge visuals and creativity, thereby engaging the students.

Learning a new topic can sometimes be overwhelming. But interaction and innovation can make learning way easier for you.

Wrapping Up,

Online tutoring has always been popular among students. The pandemic, however, brought it under the limelight. Students found it more convenient to clear their doubts or learn a new chapter via online tutoring sessions without having to leave their comfort zone. You get to study at your convenience. There are no limitations when it comes to asking questions. All you have to do is find a reliable tutoring service provider and fix a specific schedule at your convenience.

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