Australia is way more than its beautiful sandy beaches, scenic wildlife, and mesmerizing coral reefs. Its friendly ambience and diverse society have made this place one of the most sought-after study destinations in the world. You may think of open spaces of outback bush and koalas when it comes to studying in Australia. But, besides those, you must also be familiar with the Australian Education System before flying down to this country for pursuing your favourite course. That way, you can focus on your ambition and not be confused when you reach Australia for your education. Let’s begin.

Australian Education System- A Brief Overview in Simpler Words

Are you planning to study abroad for better scholarships? How about forming a global network during study abroad? No matter what your reason is, the Australian education system has got you covered. The Australian educational institutes have nurtured the needs of its students over the years, thereby focusing on practical learning combined with a theoretical understanding of all topics. Speaking of the Australian Education system, here are the main points you should know about.

This education system is divided into three broad areas:

School education (Primary + Secondary schools)

  • This is similar all over Australia with only minor variations in some territories and states.
  • School education is mandatory between the ages of six and sixteen that includes Year 1 to Year 9 or 10.
  • The primary school is suitable for seven or eight years and they start at Preparatory or Kindergarten.
  • The secondary school runs for three or four years and includes children within the age group 7-10.
  • Similarly, the senior secondary school runs for two years and includes children within the age group 11-12.

Tertiary Education

This one is a combination of higher education and vocational education along with training or VET. Details regarding the VET are given below.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Australia has always been considered as one of the best places to offer unmatched quality vocational and education training. This course mainly focuses on your procurement of competencies and the development of skills related to your academic field.

Australian Qualifications Framework

  • Established in 1995, the Australian Qualifications Framework is a national policy that takes care of the qualifications obtained from the tertiary education sector, school-leaving certificate and the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.
  • The AQF connects schools, university and vocational education qualifications into one natural system through 10 levels.
  • The best thing about AQF is that it lets you move from study level to the next and from one educational institution to the other as long as you meet the visa requirements.
  • You also get to enjoy flexibility in career planning. The qualifications in the AQF help you prepare for further studies and even your professional career.

Studying an AQF qualification lets you study in government-authorised and nationally accredited institutions. Thus, your degree will also be genuine at the end of your academic year. AQF qualified institutions are linked across the country.Besides a brilliant and sorted education system in Australia, there are other reasons why Australia is the best study destinations for international students. Let’s check them out.

Three Major Reasons Why Studying Abroad in Australia Is a Good Idea

Australia has much more to offer than clean air, water and never-ending scenic beauty. The education system in Australia ensures that each student is able to broaden their knowledge base related to specific fields and can enjoy the laid back nature at the same time. Here are the other reasons why most students usually prefer to study in Australia.

  • Makes you an innovative, agile thinker

Most Australian colleges, schools and universities equip you with practical skills and knowledge that will come in handy to you in the future. The institutions have re-engineered their approaches to learning and teaching so that students can make it big in the entrepreneurial and innovative world out there.

  • Gives you a chance to study at globally ranked institutions

According to Times Higher Education, QS and Shanghai Rankings, Australian universities rank among the top 100 universities in the world. You can enjoy premium training facilities, along with outstanding lectures and student support services.

  • Helps you gain professional experience while you study

Most employers ask for a minimum experience from candidates before they hire them. So, Australian institutions provide an education that will help you succeed in the global workforce. Many courses also include work experience internships and programs so that you can grow your professional network.Aren’t these reasons interesting enough for you to pick Australia as a reliable study destination? All in all, Australian educational institutions not only provide the best academic assistance but also prepare you for a robust career in the future.

What’s The Cost of Studying in Australia?

The cost of studying in Australia often varies depending on your course, the type of institution you choose and your standards of living. Interesting scholarships are also available to help you cut down your education costs in Australia. The basic cost of education in Australia is:

  • Australian residents can go to public schools for free and al the textbooks are even provided without asking for extra bucks.
  • Private schools, however, are comparatively pricey. You may have to pay anything between A$23,000-A$37,000 for a single school year.

Regardless of the education costs, you can expect a top-notch quality of education in Australia. As far as the courses are concerned, Australia covers anything from Humanities to Science. So, the chances are that you will get to study your favourite course at affordable costs in Australia and proceed towards a bright future.

Final Thoughts,

It’s okay to hesitate before making a decision to study abroad in Australia. Hopefully, this blog has clarified your queries regarding the Australian education system, along with the opportunities that are offered by this system. The costs can be inexpensive too, especially if you can opt for a scholarship program. There are all sorts of courses included in the Australian curriculum. Some universities also offer internships to help you attain work experience before you step out in the professional world.

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