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What Are Prefixes in English? Definition and Examples

Everything to Know About Prefixes in English

Anna was the favourite student of her English teacher, Ms Mayer. After a long weekend, she came excited to class to say about her stay in Miami. Here is what she said to Ms Mayer- "I had been looking forward to this weekend trip for so long. Honestly, it was not so good. I had this idea of how it will be in my head, and it didn't turn out to be like that. It was truly dis...

How to Write an Academic CV

Write an Academic CV

How to Write an Academic CV? The word "curriculum vitae," Latin for "course of life," denotes your academic and professional careers in an academic cv. In contrast to a typical resume, your academic CV acts as an extensive list of your academic background, papers, honours, research, and professional training in the academic sector. When submitting an application for a gr...